66 Restoration Project
Bobby Robaldo's 66 Mustang
Restoration Project
Click any picture for a close-up view
The car as it was when we started.  Not a bad looker at all.  Litle did we know what was hidden under all that paint
And the driver side rear window is no better than the passenger side..
After media blasting.  Look at the deterioration on the passanger side rear window. It's going to be a lot of work to fix
Driver's reqr quarter - not too bad, just a few pinholes.  The side of the roof needs some attention though! Tail light panel - not too bad!  No visible rust, but some old BONDO covering up an old dent..
Passenger side rear quarter. Hardly any rust at all,  just a bit on the lower edge by the tire.
Passenger side - this is the GOOD side!  A bit of sanding, a dab of bondo just to smooth things out, and we're good to go!
Hood - just a few pinholes and some old sheetmetal patches. Driver's door.  The picture doesn't show all the damage here.  All that white stuff is bondo! This door will need to be replaced.
Driver's side. Just look at all that BONDO on the driver's door! The whole door must be replaced. Passenger side rear window - freshly repaired and primed.  Doesn't that look a LOT better?
And the driver's side rear window is all patched up and primed.  Just a few more days till paint!!!
Rear Seat - We just upholstered the rear seat with TMI's Pony Sport Upholstery.   We decided on black vinyl with black carbon fiber look inserts.