66 Restoration Project.
This Blog is to chonical the restification (restoration+modification) of our 66 Mustang coupe.
The Driver's side door is trashed!

 The picture is of the current driver's side door.  All that white stuff on it is old bondo repairs.   

The body shop called me this morning.  The sheet metal on the door isn't salvagable.  A new door skin would only fix the outside of the door shell, but the bottom of the door is rusted out too.  I told them to just go ahead and order a brand new door.   

They still tell me that the car can be finished by my desired Aug 3 deadline.  But now we have to wait for the new door.  It's going to be close.  I hope they can finish in time, but I don't want them to take short-cuts.

2006-07-25 01:50:01 GMT