66 Restoration Project.
This Blog is to chonical the restification (restoration+modification) of our 66 Mustang coupe.
Entry for November 5, 2006

No photo right now, just news...  The door latch malfuncioned while turning a corner and allowed the door to fly open!  This resulted in damage to the fender and the door.

The repair bill for the door and fender came to about $620!  They did a good job and got it done in 4 days.  But we didn't have them replace the latch.  That we decided to do ourselves.

We ordered a new door latch which should be here tomorrow (Monday, Nov 6 2006)  I probably won't be able to install the new latch until next weekend though since I don't generally get home from work until after dark.

2006-11-06 02:26:47 GMT