66 Restoration Project.
This Blog is to chonical the restification (restoration+modification) of our 66 Mustang coupe.
Entry for August 12, 2006 - Still no paint...

I checked up on the car this morning.    They didn't get the final paint on like they told me they would yesterday. 

But they have been VERY busy working on it at the body shop!   All the chrome is off the car and they've done a LOT more body work.  Once they primed it they were able to see more imperfections, so they took it back into the body shop to work it all out. 

The plan right now is that on Monday they're going to shoot the car with an epoxy primer, then look for and fix any more imperfections they can find.  Then Tuesday or Wednesday they are planning on finally shooting the paint and clear.  

They tell me that I should finally get the car back by Saturday (8/19/06).  I sure hope so.  We still have a lot to do once we get it back!

The picture is of the new door panels that arrived a few days ago.  They match the seats perfectly!  Black vinyl surround with black carbon-fiber inserts inside.

2006-08-12 16:24:52 GMT