66 Restoration Project.
This Blog is to chonical the restification (restoration+modification) of our 66 Mustang coupe.
Entry for August 5, 2006


The door is on, the body work is complete, and the car has been primed in an etching primer.   In just a couple of days they'll sand it and shoot the first coat of paint.   We're getting close now!

And just look at the work they did on the window channel.  That was just a rusted out hole a few days ago.  Now it's all fresh new steel with just a little  body filler to smooth out the welds.

The upholstery arrived too.  We have the rear seat out of the car and are beginning to upholster it.  Hopefully we'll have the rear seat finished by the time the car comes home.

2006-08-05 19:34:19 GMT